About Us

When you choose AMS Security for your home or business you rest assured that you will be taken care of. We are up day and night to make sure you are protected so you can feel safe whether you are leaving or staying in your home or business. With our high-end alarm, camera, access control, and intercom systems, we have options for your vision of a safe place. If you are worried about a burglary, smoke and fire, or just want to be able to see your baby sleeping in the next room, us at AMS Security got you covered.


At AMS we strive for quality over quantity. We assure you, you are protected with our installed security systems from door to door, window to window.


Reliable, trustworthy, and consistent. We secure your property so you have less to worry about.


When you choose AMS, you are choosing commitment to keeping you safe 24/7

Our Skills & Experience

We specialize in alarm systems, camera systems, and access control systems allowing keyless entry.  Security is about trust, and we have built just that with our partners.

We Are Proud To Work With You

Working out of our facility in Yonkers we service anyone in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. We service homes and businesses, no matter the size.